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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Now This is Colorado

Here's what's out side my door today! We've had such a dry and unseasonably warm winter and then BLAM! Here you go! This is the Colorado I'm used to.


Enfys said...

Fantastic photos, Isn't it kind of late to have that much snow? It's been a strange winter weather wise here in the UK too, and my friends in Florida have had a much cooler winter than normal.

Just a little bit Crafty said...

Hi Jennifer, Love your piccies of all that snow. I live in Queensland Australia and our weather is totally the opposite to this. Our winter consists of one week in August where the cold wind blows in from the west.
Love your cards, you are so cleaver. Loved the RAP video.
Oh, I found you via Crafty Creations.
Cheers, Irene :)