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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Our Daily Bread 2nd Anniversary Celebration

I am copying this awesome post from ODB for my own tracking as well as to help any of you that would like to have the info. I hope I win some stamps! I love their stamps!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010
Our Daily Bread designs Second Anniversary Celebration Challenges: Sneak Peek!

Hello everyone!
Our Daily Bread designs is going to be celebrating it's second anniversary on March 17th! The sticks in the bread basket are celebrating too!!! We have come up with 5 days of fun and excitement for you, so you can join in as well!!! Beginning on Mar 13th, we will have a daily challenge. Cards will be due in by 8PM EST that day, and the winner will be announced on the ODBD Blog the next day. There WILL be prizes! Oh yes... there will be prizes every day of the celebration (Mar. 13 through 17) and there will also be blog candy on various Design Team Blogs! Yup! Lots of fat free, sugar free candy!!!

We thought we'd give you, our loyal readers a heads up on the challenges so that you can be ahead of the game with your challenge projects! Since it's an anniversary we are celebrating, we used an anniversary theme as our inspiration!

Mar. 13th - The "traditional" gift for the second anniversary is COTTON. Our talented Challenge Team will kick off this first day of festivities by challenging you to use cotton in some way on your project. It could be cotton fabric, cotton crocheted items, flowers made of cotton, or even cotton balls! Get creative and show us what you can do with cotton! There will be prizes and candy so please play along! Due: Must be linked to Mr. Linky on the March 13th Challenge Post on the ODBD Blog by Mar 13, 8:00 pm EST to be eligible to win. (That post will not be posted until the 13th so for now, get creating and have your creations ready to post on the 13th!)

Mar. 14th - The "contemporary" gift for the second anniversary is CHINA. We will have an Inspiration Challenge that involves "CHINA". Here is a photo that you can use for your inspiration. You may choose one pattern, several, or go for an overall look. Just have fun with it! Must be linked to Mr. Linky on the Mar 14th Challenge Post of the ODBD Blog by Mar 14, 8:00pm EST to be eligible to win.
Mar.15th - Well known anniversary gifts are SILVER and GOLD... celebrating those big milestone years! We challenge you to make a card or project that uses either SILVER OR GOLD! How easy is that!!! Project must be linked to Mr Linky on the Mar. 15 Challenge Post on the ODBD Blog by 8:00 pm EST. Winner will be announced on the 16th challenge post!

Mar. 16th - This is a Favorites Challenge! We challenge you to use your ALL TIME FAVORITE Our Daily Bread designs stamps! No limitations on what you create or what you use except that it must be new back links to older projects. Just have fun with it and show us your favorite! To be eligible to win, project must be linked to Mr Linky on the Mar 16th Challenge Post on the ODBD Blog by 8:00 pm EST.

Mar 17th - This is the big day... no challenge but a BIG reveal Blog Hop to show you the special edition Second Anniversary Sets that will be released on the 17th! You will NOT want to miss this hop! There will be prizes and candy and so much fun for all!!!!

Just one more little tip.... All during the festivities many of our design teams and challenge team members will be giving away some fantastic blog candy to a blessed commenter on their blog. You won't know ahead who has the candy... but if you visit the blogs of the team members who participated in that day's challenge, you might also win their candy!!! How sweet a deal is that? The links will be given right in the blog post for that day along with their creations for the challenge... but if you visit them and leave a comment... you might win their candy too!!!

So we hope you will join us for each day of the festivties! There are so many prizes waiting for you, and there will be plenty of inspiration as well... so see you on March 13th right here on the ODBD Blog!!!
Grace: Design Team Coordinator

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Randi said...

Thanks foe the heads up. I see I will be busy this week! Thank you for the kind words about my card. I am following you,too!